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21 september 2016 г.

We have now finished our two new compositions from the cycle “Asian Dreams”. We have made this record in Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory building using original acoustics of this historical house. Now you can listen to our new tracks – “Listopad” and “Kutanagava”

Polina Senatulova (violin), Marina Karaseva (piano), Natalia Grigorovich (shamisen), Dmitry Ibragimov (guitar), Evgeny Kuznetsov (bass) took part in this record.
Recording, mixing and mastering by Philipp Barsky.

Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz — Listopad

Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz — Kutanagava
Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz is a musical creative collaboration.

It was founded in November 2010 by Olga Kuznetsova and Evgeny Kuznetsov. The origin of this collaboration is Moscow, Russia.

The purpose of its existence is a music creation in Experimental Art Rock stylistics.

The main feature of Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz music is a widespread use of musical stylization as the way of associative picture for some methaphorical sense construction. Conceptual and melodic classical sound is the characteristic of Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz compositions. Sometimes being “music about music”, Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz products imply powerful energetics.

The authors use classical instruments (strings and woodwinds) as well as variety music instruments (electric guitar, bass, drums) and also turn to world musical instruments.

In 2014, in Moscow, with the support of the Tchaikovsky Moscow State Conservatory and Splayn musical social network, was recorded their first album on Petr Speranskiy studio. The album is called “YouGin” (The Certificate of registration in the Russian Authors' Society No.21730).

The album was mixed and mastered by Vladimir Ovchinnikov at PC “Tonestudio” of the “Mosfilm” Film Concern». “YouGin” consists of 11 various compositions where academically-rock sound with strings, woodwinds, electric guitar, bass and drums is amplified by such musical instruments like electric violin, accordion, Russian Gusli and Japanese Koto. Many musicians from famous Moscow music educational institutions took part in this record.

07 september 2014 г.
We present to your attention our album "YouGin" in audio!

22 April 2014
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