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About Us    


Welcome to our site!

This site is created by Olga Kuznetsova and Evgeny Kuznetsov. Here you can get acquainted with the work of our creative association — Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz. At one time we found each other and since then making music together.

The path of each one of us to the music came from childhood, and began in a similar way.

Olga Lee

Olga Lee was born in a family of musicians, what inevitably has predetermined her activity. There was a violin from 5 years old and studying at The Central music school (College) at the P.I. Tchaikovsky Moscow state Conservatory.

The interest in the "compose" started appearing in childhood. Further was a turn in a creative way because the walls of the faculty of psychology of Moscow state University M.V. Lomonosov literally lured to yourself.

Then musical development line was sophisticated: there was a strong interest in world cultures and she was writing papers about psychological adaptation of the peoples of East Asia to Western European tradition of musical performance, about a foreign cultural environment. Next attracting walls were the walls of cultural institutions where a stuff explored issues of art. Olga Lee started to try carefully compose the music in such a synthesis activities.

Eugene Kjuz

Eugene Kjuz was also born in a family of musicians and also has got music vaccination. He was a 4 years old when he met a violin and next 10 years were devoted to playing piano. As he says, after that "he has proudly threw it".

There was also an accordion in parallel with this. After a couple of years he picked up a bass guitar in his hands. It has firmly linked his life with this tool. Bass intrigued him it's capabilities and noble deep sound. He studied much and he took lessons from the best teachers of Moscow.

Meanwhile he managed to learn a profession of producer's skill and cultural management at the Institute of Russian theater. Later followed the invitation to many interesting and diverse musical groups. The musician playing in different styles and owns high performance technique, today Eugene Kjuz widely in demand as a bass-player in many bands.

So, there were two persons and once upon a time they have intersect with each other in AL_BORDE – the collective where Olga Lee has played violin and wrote arrangements and also her own composition and where Eugene Kjuz was invited as a bass. Finding common stylistic points of view with the Creator of this collective, we started to work on the musical material together.

Now our creative alliance Olga Lee & Eugene Kjuz has resulted in the creation of our first autor's album which is called "YouGin". Soon we will present it to the public. Music genre of the album can be described as symphonic art rock.

The album was attended by musicians from AL_BORDE and from some other bands and musical educational establishments of Moscow. The cooperation with all of them has made this diverse album so bright and distinctive.

We are glad to welcome you on www.kjuz.net! Soon the site will expand the musical material and we can show you more!



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